Getting On Stage {Shawn Ray Classic}

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, friends!

I hope you all are doing something special over this long weekend. Even though it’s been pretty chilly outside, I’d love to be at the beach with what seems like the rest of America. I guess I’ve had my fair share of relaxing these past few weeks after finishing school, so my weekend (and the next month) will be spent cooped up in the library. Time to get crackin’ on the MCAT.


Try not to be too jealous.

Shawn Ray Classic

About 2 months ago, I made the decision to compete in my first NPC show in the bikini division! If you know me in real life (vs. blog life?), this has been a looong time coming. I’ve wanted to compete since I was 18 or 19, but I have let my fear of getting on stage prevent me from getting very far. That, plus college, was enough to sabotage my goal of competing. I was never completely in the right mindset, but I am more than ready to conquer my fears after 5 years!

I picked a show close to my parents’ house in Maryland, the Shawn Ray Classic on August 17. It was the perfect location and gave me a full 19 weeks to prep for the show. I know that’s a lot longer than most people prep, but I wanted to give myself a longer period of time to train in order to prevent any of it from interfering with finishing school, taking the MCAT, and applying to med school. I’m officially 7 weeks into contest prep with the help of my wonderful trainers, Cris and Angela, with 12 weeks left before the big day. I’m loving the changes I’m seeing in my body, and to my surprise, I’ve actually gotten much stronger. The meal plan hasn’t been too difficult to stick to so far since I’m still loving everything I’m eating (not too much different than my usual clean eating except that my macros are fixed and no condiments or dairy). I’m sure I will be going mental as the show gets closer though…
photo (2)
My goal for this show is not so much to win or even place but to actually get my butt on stage…literally. ;) I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be ecstatic if I placed, but I just want to do my best and know I gave it my all after being too nervous to compete for so many years. I’m confident Cris and Angela can whip me into tiptop shape and and make me look my best, as long as I’m putting in the effort! I will definitely keep you lovely people updated on my journey to the Shawn Ray Classic!

As of now, I should probably get back to work, even though there’s been a total of like 10 patients in the emergency department all morning…

Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day Weekend!

Question of the day:

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

4 thoughts on “Getting On Stage {Shawn Ray Classic}

  1. Seriously.. SO excited for you, Connie!! You can totally do it!!

    Check out two of my recent lifting spotlights, Camilla and Heather (Babs); both are heavy lifting ladies at heart that did their first competitions recently. Just some connections for ya! And is another recent blog I started following that has turned the competition experience into such a positive one. These ladies are all great in their own ways and they make it seems not to scary!

    While I would love to see what my body is capable of doing, it’s not not one of my goals right now.. but I cannot wait to hear about your journey and hope you return to blogging to talk about it!! :)

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