Good afternoon, and happy Friday!

I think a blog post is just a little overdue. So much has happened over the past month and a half that blogging definitely took a back seat. I miss interacting with you lovely people though, so I thought it was necessary to pop back in!

Exactly two weeks ago, I finished my post-bac pre-med program. It took a while to sink in, but saying those words now gives me the greatest sense of relief and accomplishment. This year has easily been the most challenging year of my life, and I can still clearly remember calling my parents in a panic everyday when I started my first class here at Penn. I have always been all about physically challenging my body, but pushing my academic capabilities is a whole other story. I’m very proud of myself for finishing strong with great grades!


Why yes, I did have a countdown on my phone…

The morning after I finished my last final, I ran the Broad St. Run with my friend, Joe. My sister was already staying with me for a few nights, but my parents also came into town to watch me run. I love that they get so excited to support me!

Broad St Run.jpg


I definitely had Boston on my mind during this run. We even ran across a street called Boston Street. Pretty cool!

My sister had to go back to New York, and she asked, “Why don’t you just come with me?” since I didn’t want her to leave me. I was so used to not being able to leave Philadelphia because of class and work that I immediately said I couldn’t, but the more I thought about it, I realized I didn’t have anything tying me down. I had to continue studying for the MCAT, but I could do that anywhere. On Monday, I hopped on a bus and headed to NYC!

It was the perfect getaway after finishing school. Ina had to work a lot, so I just relaxed, caught up on sleep, and worked out. There was also a lot of cuddle time…with her three cats.


Bed hoggers.



My first Soul Cycle class! Aaa-mazing by the way.

After coming back to Philadelphia at the end of last week, I cleaned up the apartment and got ready for Josh to come visit! I met him at the train station on Monday evening. I was so excited after not seeing each other for two months!


We’ve had the best time together this week! Today’s actually his last day here, but I’m so grateful he was able to come visit for a longer period of time.

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous today, so we’re off to enjoy the day! Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Question of the day:
Do you like cycling classes?

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8 thoughts on “Overdue

  1. Hahaha love that the cats divided the bed into thirds, or at least that’s what it looks like. Great to have you back blogging :) And congrats on your program!!!!! Never done a cycling class, love cycling outside too much :)

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