Roll ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon Recap

Good morning!

I was flipping through my calendar this past weekend and couldn’t help but notice that I only have four weeks of class left! Where has the time gone? It feels like the semester just started. Of course I’m excited that I’m almost finished with classes, but that just means I’m getting closer to taking my MCAT…eeek.

Thank you to everyone who congratulated me on completing the Rock ‘n’ Roll half!

I was pretty nervous the days leading up to the race. I didn’t carb-load or anything like that the week before, and I was worried about my shins hurting because they were bothering me more than usual. I decided to buy some Rocktape after seeing Jennifer give some great reviews about it. The night before the half marathon, I taped my shins according to the directions that were included.


I woke up bright and early on the morning of the race to make sure I had everything I needed for the run. I met with some friends who were also running the half, who I’m so grateful for, because I would have been a lost soul without them. There were thousands of people at the starting line and trying to check bags. I was very discombobulated to say the least.


It was supposed to be a rainy, freezing morning, but we got lucky without a drop of rain! My feet in my Vibrams were definitely happy about that.

At around 8 am, we started the race. I immediately lost my friends, but I knew I couldn’t keep up with them for very long anyways. Miles 1-5 were great. I was still soaking up the race environment and couldn’t believe how many people were running. It was quite motivational!

IMG_1455 IMG_1456

I believe it was between miles 5 and 6 where there was this giant hill. I was actually getting tired just looking at it. Everyone was doing great getting up it, so I knew I could do it too. Even though my legs felt like they were going to explode, I slowly made my way to the top. It really helped that there were a lot of spectators there, cheering us on!

The Rocktape had been working amazingly at preventing any shin pains. It was only after the hill of death that my shins were giving me some trouble. My legs were also really burnt out from the hill, which made mile 7 the worst. I couldn’t believe I was only half way done – I was actually plotting ways how I could escape and not finish the race, ha!

Then, something magical happened, aka I grabbed a cup of Gatorade and chugged it down. I know people love Gatorade as race fuel, but I didn’t think it would help that much. I felt great soon after drinking it and got in cruise mode. Who needs training when there’s gatorade?! ;) Around miles 9-11, I was searching things on my phone, texting my parents, and calling them because they were trying to find out how to get to the finish line. Even though it probably slowed me down some, it was a great way to distract me from how far I had run. By the time I was done sorting all that out, I was surprised I only had about two miles left. I grabbed another cup of Gatorade and cruised to the end. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t dying by the time I crossed the finish line, but I was so ecstatic that I couldn’t think about how tired I was feeling!

Half Marathon.jpg


I thought there’d be a lot more spectators, but the ones who were there were awesome. I loved reading all the funny posters people made! Even though it’s been over a week since the Rock ‘n’ Roll half, I still get so happy knowing I conquered this challenge. I can’t believe I could barely run three miles about six months ago. It’s great to be able to cross this off my bucket list!

Question of the day:
Do you have a challenge that you want to accomplish this year?

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11 thoughts on “Roll ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon Recap

  1. Connie you look amazing in your after photo! I am so proud of you and absolutely excited that you were able to train in such a short time!! You give me major hopes for my future! ;)

    Seriously, send me your training plan. ;)

  2. I’ve never seen tape like that! That’s so awesome! You don’t even look tired after you finished! You’ll have to teach me your secrets to not looking dead ;)

    • I’m surprised I don’t look like death in my post-race picture! I’m 100% positive that is NOT what I looked like in real life face was so red in the pictures my parents took!

    • You would do SO well if you signed up for a half marathon! I’m so happy for you that you are able to do more after your back surgery. Can’t wait to follow along with your training when your back gets a little better!

  3. Congratulations my darling! You did awesome, and I love the the tape. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that pattern in tape before. Too cool :).. Wish I could have seen you.. since I was in DC that weekend!

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