A Weekend of Reunions

Good morning from Maryland!

After my class on Saturday morning, I packed up my bags and headed home for the week. I immediately headed to my friend, TJ’s house, where I finally got to see Josh after two long months!


It was quite the reunion! We had a special double date night at Fogo de Chao to celebrate TJ and Katelyn’s six year dating anniversary. We did a lot of reminiscing and couldn’t believe how long we’ve known each other for. We’re so happy for them and for what’s to come in their future!


If you haven’t heard of Fogo de Chao, it’s a fancy smancy Brazilian steakhouse, where you can eat unlimited meat (mostly beef), sides, and their salad bar. As someone who barely enjoys eating meat, I made sure to stock up on veggies from the salad bar. Their sun-dried tomatoes were out of this world. I also enjoyed a few pieces of chicken, potatoes, and their delicious caramelized bananas that went un-pictured. We joked that they must love customers like me since I’m definitely not getting my money’s worth there, but I think TJ and Josh had no problems making up for that! ;)

A reunion with my girlfriends from college was way overdue, so we planned a get together last night for dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Azul 17.


I’ve definitely missed being able to see these girls all the time. How I wish we could go back to undergrad! Even though it has only been a little less than two years since most of us graduated, it’s crazy to see how far we have all come.


The food at Azul 17 was delicious and we had a great time catching up, despite our waitress moving at snail’s pace.

I still have much studying and work to do over my spring break week, but I plan on spending as much time as I can with Josh, my family, and my friends! It feels great to be home in Maryland.

Have a great Monday!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

Yay or nay to buffets?

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5 thoughts on “A Weekend of Reunions

  1. Reunions are so fun! I love buffets but they also tend to stress me out going in/after. Ironically, during it I’m in heaven but I tend to go a bit crazy with all the choices. My friend and I have been talking to go to fogo de chao forever. when he comes to visit we’ll be checking it out.

  2. You guys all look sooooooooo CUTE! I miss you guys. Glad you had fun though and six years for Katelyn and TJ?! AH. I remember when they first MET. Have fun at home lovebug!

  3. Mine was relaxing and had a family bbq, it was nice :) I’m usually Nay to buffets, but only because the they are limited to healthier versions of food and veggies. But if if was loaded with healthy food and had plenty of meat and veggies to pick from, I’m all in!! Enjoy your spring break :)

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