WIAW: Favorite Combos

Oh, hello there!

Seriously, my inner blogger was no where to be found for the past few weeks, but I’m back boys and girls! It’s been harder than ever trying to balance school, work, MCAT prep, food prep, and the gym. I just keep telling myself only a few more months before my glide year. I can do it!

Before I get started on What I Ate Wednesday, I need to congratulate Jenn (the wonderful host of WIAW) on getting pregnant! I’m so thrilled for her and her hubby to have a beautiful baby.

Today’s WIAW post isn’t so much exactly what I ate yesterday. My meals haven’t been that exciting, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite combos lately. Some weird, some not so weird…

Peanut butter + egg whites


This sounds like the strangest and most unpleasant combination, but it is so, so good. I’ve been eating this as part of my breakfast for the past three and a half weeks. I’ll never get sick of it! Good thing I have another jar of peanut butter on hand since I practically scraped my last one clean. Unfortunately, I picked up the unsalted version by accident, but unsalted peanut butter is better than no peanut butter in my book.

Brown rice cake + peanut butter + frozen blueberries


Slab some peanut butter on anything, and it’s delicious. I randomly discovered this combo because I was running late for class one day, so I tried to eat faster by throwing my frozen blueberries on top of my rice cake. I didn’t think it’d be anything special, but I’m officially addicted! It’s become one of my regular snacks now. Yum!

(Cold) tilapia + olive oil + hot sauce


I used to always choose turkey or chicken over tilapia, but I’ve been eating tilapia twice a day recently. I feel like it’s less of a hassle to cook, and I found a great way to season it so that it actually has a lot of flavor. I just throw a few fillets on a baking sheet and season them with either Mrs. Dash Chicken Grilling Blend (that’s the only kind I have on hand) or sea salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic, and oregano. I don’t cook the fish with any oil, but when I’m ready to eat it, I add a teaspoon to extra virgin olive oil and Trader Joe’s jalapeño hot sauce. I don’t even like to heat it up. Alright, so maybe this combo is a little strange…but I promise it’s delicious!

I’ve got a long day of studying ahead of me, so I better get on it. Enjoy your day, friends!


Thank you to everyone who entered my About Time Protein giveaway!

The winner is Jordan D.! Congratulations! Please email me at livinleanblog@gmail.com, so I can get you set up with your protein.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.02.15 PM.png


What are some of your favorite food combos?

Another one of my favorites is diced sweet potato pan fried in coconut oil and seasoned with cinnamon. I’ve heard everyone rave about sweet potatoes and peanut butter. Not sure why I haven’t gotten around to trying it yet!

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18 thoughts on “WIAW: Favorite Combos

  1. Love all your food!! :) I was just thinking about you this morning, so I hope everything is well!! :)

    I love sweet potatoes and almond butter, so PB must be tasty! And I may need to try that egg whites thing but it kinda scares me.. I do like egg whites, banana, and cinnamon scrambled..

  2. Good to hear from you again!! I’ve missed your posts. Egg whites and peanut butter….I’m going to have to pass on that one lol I use to put peanut butter (and sometimes syrup) on my potatoes…it was like a different waffle for me lol Good luck with your studying!!!

  3. I love pb and egg whites! A little cinnamon makes it extra good :) I’ve never tried frozen bloobs on a rice cake with pb, but I eat them in every other way. My favourite is coated with cocoa powder or added to a bowl of protein powder that had just enough water to make it runny :)

    • I think you’re the only one who agrees with me on the PB and egg whites combo..I need to try cinnamon with it tomorrow morning! I never thought about adding cocoa powder to frozen blueberries, but that is the greatest idea ever. I want to make pancakes with a berry syrup (just microwaving frozen berries), but I think I’ll take it up a notch and add the cocoa powder to make CHOCOLATE BERRY SYRUP.

    • Mmmm eggs in coconut oil!! Love it. I need to try more Mrs. Dash seasonings like the extra spicy one you’re talking about..I never realized how good they are!

  4. I am obsessed with rice cakes and almond butter!!! Topped with blueberries though raises the bar :)

    Just join the foodie pen pal thanks to you!! I saw the badge on your page and thought it was such a fun idea!!!

    • I agree! I alternate between peanut butter and almond butter on my rice cakes. You have to try it with frozen blueberries! Foodie pen pal is such a cute idea..hope you have fun with it :)

  5. Personally, I love sweet potatoes topped with hummus. Any flavor works, but it’s best when you can eat it out of the almost empty hummus container haha. I’ve never tried PB on my sweet potato, but I definitely like a more savory flavor. Then again, I love peanut butter and spinach sandwiches so….guess I should give it a shot.

    p.s. So excited that I won your giveaway! I’m emailing you now :)

    • I’m obsessed with hummus and that sounds absolutely amazing. I don’t know why I haven’t already tried that. Thanks for the idea! I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to try a pb and spinach sandwich though….

    • Thank you so much for the nomination Larissa! I already did a post on the Liebster award a few months ago, but I really appreciate the thought!

  6. The PB with egg white is so GOOD! I Love sweet plato, PB, Egg whites, cinnamon, and a boca burger! Sounds weird but I love it! And it is perfect because I can make it in my college dorm room!

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